SEO Episode 3: Submit Website To Search Engines

If you do not submit, you may never exist.

November 17th, 2017 | SEO

Many of us makes the mistake of building a website, and believe that traffic and business will just flow to our website automatically.

Often, we missed out on a very “common sense” question: how are these traffic and business going to reach your website.


Yes, often people uses search engine to find what they are looking for, and hopefully you are who they are looking for – but are you on the search engine?

Submit Website To Search Engines Or You May Never Exist

Is your website listed in the search engines?


How websites ended up on search engines?

Search engine deploys crawlers – software-version of robots – that explores the vastness of the internet and add the websites they found into their database. In another word, websites do not automatically appear in search engines – they are actually added into the database “manually”. In order to be listed in any search engine, the search engine will first need to know that you exist – and then they will send a crawler to your website to discover what is your website about, what are the content, what is on the website, etc… and then return all these results into the search engine and get the web pages listed accordingly to the respective keywords the crawler/search engine suppose your web page / web site is about.

Thus the key thing to understand is that, if the search engine do not know you exist, they may never be able to list you on their search engine.


So how do we submit website to search engines?

Actually, a quick search on Google (ironically), you can actually find this answer. Typing “submit website to search engines” will automatically bring up a number of online applications/websites that will happily help you submit your website to, not just Google, but submit your website to search engines of all kinds. For example, a free site submission service that helps to submit your website to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even forgotten engines like Excite and Lycos.

Alternatively, you can submit your website directly to Google (which I personally find it to be “safer”) at Google’s webmaster submit url tool:


Doing submissions are one of the most important part of any SEO service or SEO operation. And its also probably one of the worst protected, yet largely unknown secret about SEO.

So remember: do your submission and build your traction today!



[ SERP between 8 – 14 November 2017 ]

jojico 6.0 new
joji hesitate 6.5 -0.8
hesitate joji 7.0 -1
examples of red ocean industries 7.0 new
red ocean strategy examples 8.0 new
blue ocean shift amazon 69.0 new
difference between blue ocean strategy and red ocean strategy 88.0 new
joji 92.0 +5
difference between blue ocean and red ocean strategy 92.0 new

joji logo 1.0 -0.2
joji singapore 4.6 -0.2
joji website 8.0 new
electronic mailer 11.0 +1
electronic direct mailer 18.0 -16
joji samples 18.0 -5
edm mailer 24.3 +14.3
flyer design singapore 33.0 -14
safintranet 36.0 new
electronic direct mailers 37.0 +11
electronic direct mailers design 52.0
joji wallpaper 55.0 -6.7
joji height 85.0 new
leads generation singapore 98.7 +5.7
sem singapore 128.8 +2.5
search engine marketing singapore 175.0 -31



Finally, is starting to have some movement in the SERP, with a few additional keywords ranked, regarding Blue/Red Ocean Strategy. However, we do not expect to be able to hold this positions, given the lack of traction and posting in regards to these topics. More postings and better postings will be required. had a leaner list of keywords ranked, with certain obscured keywords falling off the SERP, like “seo ranking guarantee in singapore”. Certain keywords had improved in their SERP, like “flyer design singapore” and “electronic direct mailer” had improved dramatically, with “electronic direct mailer” now on SERP2 – which is fantastic. As the changes are mostly positive (green), we will continue to monitor to see if this positive trend can continue.

Meanwhile, we will create a blog for and to start adding some past work to populate into the website. As for, as we missed out on our Strategy posting last week, we will need to write a Strategy article this week to keep up the effort.


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