SEO Episode 4: SEO Takes Time

SEO is not a magic bullet – it takes time, sometimes a long time, to get results

November 24th, 2017 | SEO

If you do not already know, SEO takes time to get your website ranked. If fact, at times, it takes a very very long time before your website will get to the first page of your desired search term.

So during last week’s analysis of the SERP for and, I mentioned that I gonna do something for – I wasn’t able to find time to do them. But the lack of action does reveal some things I would like to share: your website’s content continues to work for you even when you did not do anything for SEO.

Thus the evil trade of SEO
SEO industry in a lot of cases is indeed really poisonous. Many SEO companies charges large sums of money, claiming that they will work on your SEO over 6 months or 1 year – actually does almost virtually nothing. As a result, SEO companies gradually gather a really bad reputation for being “cheats” or “waste of money”. This phenomena was also the reason why Joji got into SEO at the first place.

To do it right.
Joji started to do research and study into SEO, and experimented on selected client’s and another personal business website. Overtime, the websites ranked incredibly well on their respective vital keywords – which the techniques, strategies and methods used is then used to create the SEO offerings we are now offering through

But the clients are “broken.
However, it is also after we started offering our SEO that we then realised, how most clients do not actually understand SEO and how it works. What is worse, is when clients have a mislead understanding of SEO and how SEO is actually done. As a result, miscommunication happened between me and one of my client just recently.

How SEO actually works?
When you “does SEO” on a web page – what you are actually doing, is to create relevant content for the desired keyword that you are targeting. Which also meant that, once you do it – you done it. Its 1 time. You only need to do it ONE TIME – for that web page. There is no logic in “consistently working on the same web page” if the web page is already done well the first time round. The only reason to continue working on the same web page, is to improve the content and its relevance – as well as improving the UX.

It is not the change what you have already done. Because if you change away the text that was previously already recorded by the search engine, when the robot from Google is back again, it will detect that the content had changed, and it will wipe the previous records in the Google index – and any positive gains in the rankings will be wiped out.

Be patience.
If you made a lot of effort into the SEO of your web page or web site – then have some confidence. Give it sometime to “battle other websites” and slowly gain ground in the targeted battlefields.

[ SERP between 15 – 21 November 2017 ]
note: some keywords that are missing from previous week, is not because the website is no longer ranked on those keywords, but rather there is no impression of our result for those keywords over the past week; and those keywords that ever appeared but not last week, the performance will be based on the last time it appeared

jojico 4.0 -2
joji website 7.0 +0.5
joji hesitate 7.0 +0.5
hesitate joji 8.3 +1.3
joji wallpaper 30.0 new
local seo package 73.0 new
synonym for excite 81.3 new
joji snapchat 85.0 new
submit url to excite 85.0 new
website submission to bing 89.0 new
joji 92.4 +0.4
blue ocean shift 100.0 new
domain name singapore 113.0 new
international seo 139.0 new
submit site search 172.0 new
seo singapore 181.5 new
track serp rank 222.0 new
free website tools keyword serp rank position 226.0 new
check serp competition 234.0 new
keyword ranking strategy 246.0 new
serp keyword ranking 246.0 new
track serp rankings 248.0 new
serp tracking keywords ranking 250.0 new
serp rank tracking 263.0 new
what is seo ranking 270.0 new
how to do seo 271.0 new
good serp checker 271.0 new
seo rankings 271.5 new
how to check your seo ranking 280.0 new
seo ranking 283.5 new
serp rankings 289.0 new
check serp position for keyword 292.0 new
website ranking for keywords 292.0 new
serp position checker 294.0 new
track serp google 295.0 new
seo 295.3 new
check serp ranking for keyword 300.0 new
local seo packages 305.7 new
check seo optimization 311.5 new
seo for websites 335.0 new
seo for website 341.0 new
seo word search 355.0 new
website seo 365.0 new
search engines marketing 411.0 new
seo optimization 430.3 new
seo website 440.0 new
black hat seo tactics 492.0 new

joji logo 1.0
joji singapore 5.4 +0.8
jojico 7.0 new
corporate booklet 7.0 -1.5
electronic mailer 8.9 -1.1
joji bar singapore 9.8 -0.2
edm mailer 15.0 -9.3
joji bar 18.0 new
electronic direct mailer 27.0 +9
corporate identity png 28.0 new
electronic direct mailers 34.0 -3
advertisement poster design 39.0 -5
flyer design singapore 41.0 +8
joji png 42.0 new
joji wallpaper 51.0 -4
corporate booklet design 58.0 new
electronic direct mailer design 63.0 +9
edm concept 70.0 new
leads generation singapore 93.5 -5.2
sem singapore 126.9 -1.9
search engine marketing singapore 179.0 +19.2
search engine optimization singapore 272.0 +3.7
advertisement 535.0 new



Like the title of this episode “SEO Takes Time”,  this week’s SERP results indeed prove the point.

So first looking at the obvious change, is the tremendous number of new entries for’s SERP results. The main reason is that the SEO episodes from the website is now finally index by the Google engine. Of course, the current rankings of virtually all of the new keywords are practically “useless”. In Joji’s SEO concept/theory – ranking beyond SERP5 is as good as not getting ranked. But of course, looking at the long term SEO war, it is still important to at least be indexed – it will serve as the foundation for the website to climb up the rankings.

Looking a, which is the “SEO Takes Time” example, literally nothing was done to the website over the past week, due to other work commitments – somehow continued to improve on its SERP positions. A few new keywords are ranked, and a good number of the keywords improved upon their last SERP position. 14 of the 23 keywords is ranked in the sweet spot: the SERP1-5 positions – although 2 of them is hijacking the search term for the Joji Bar, a new bar that was opened in Singapore rather recently that happened to called themselves the exact same name as us. Their website is (thus is a little irritating, and I’m sure they hate us too… haha)

We are still looking to work further on – but hopefully we are able to find time to work on it.

So remember, SEO takes time!

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