SEO Episode 5: Powerhouses

Why is it so difficult to be in the top 10 on Google?

December 2nd, 2017 | SEO

For any website, to be able to rank onto the Top 10 or SERP1 on Google for any desirable keyword, indeed is a unicorn of sort.

For many keywords, they are dominated that super high powered websites that tends to dominate many other key words as well. Websites like Wikipedia,, ebay, Alibaba, YouTube, etc… usually easily take up at least half of all the positions on SERP1. Tutorials sites, major news outlets often dominate others keywords that are relevant to their respective content.

For example of my client, ClayartTouch (, whom is number 1 globally ranked website for “clay figurine”, just check out who are on the rest of the SERP1:

In fact, had 2 entires (in both 1st and 2nd place in SERP1). Who are the rest?

  • eBay (ecommerce giant)
  • Wikipedia (content giant)
  • WonderHowTo (tutorial)
  • (tutorial)
  • Youtube (video giant – tutorial)
  • qoo10 (ecommerce giant in Singapore)
  • Google (Google’s Arts & Culture – Google’s own page)

There is only 9 entires, because the “first entry” is Google Images.

So now, assuming that you are a new competitor to Clayart Touch, what would you think would be the difficulty to get to SERP1?

Ans: It would almost be impossible. 



This is a reality for a lot of battlegrounds on the Search Engine. Easily, half or more of the slots will be taken up by giants (tutorials sites are notoriously powerful on search rankings) – thus the actual number of “realistic slots” for your website to fight for against your business competitors on SERP1, could actually be just 1-3 slots.

Which means, 10 or even 100 companies (or more) could be fighting all for that 1 realistic slot on SERP1 (usually the incumbent would be extremely hard to unseat, thus even if there is 3 slots, only 1 or if you are lucky, 2 slots, is anywhere near realistically viable).


So, to manage your expectations: always remind yourself, 10 slots in SERP1 does not mean 10 slots that you can fight for. Usually, there is only between 1 – 3 slots that will be fought over between you and your competitors. So, its no easy task to achieve a common desire, “I want to rank on the first page of Google” – because, it is really not that easy.



[ SERP between 22 – 28 November 2017 ]
note: some keywords that are missing from previous week, is not because the website is no longer ranked on those keywords, but rather there is no impression of our result for those keywords over the past week; and those keywords that ever appeared but not last week, the performance will be based on the last time it appeared

jojico 4.0
joji website 7.3 +0.3
joji hesitate 8.0 +1
hesitate joji 8.5 -0.2
joji wallpaper 33.0 +3
theeasymarket 90.0 new
joji height 90.0 new
blue ocean strategy shift 93.0 new
blue ocean shift 130.0 +30

joji logo 1.3 +0.3
joji website 4.0 -4
joji singapore 4.9 -0.5 5.3 new
jojico 6.0 -1
corporate booklets 7.0 new
corporate booklet 8.0 +1
edm mailer 8.3 -6.7
electronic mailer 10.0 +1.1
joji bar singapore 10.0 +0.2
joji samples 16.0 -2
joji bar 16.5 -1.5
electronic direct mailers 35.5 +1.5
advertisement poster design 38.0 -1
advertisement poster 49.5 new
electronic direct mailer 50.5 +23.5
electronic direct mailer design 57.0 -6
joji wallpaper 66.0 +15
joji height 83.0 new
joji 99.0 new
sem singapore 123.5 -3.4
search engine marketing singapore 175.8 -3.2



Generally, while many minor positive movements, there is nothing very major to report on.

We will continue to monitor the progress of the rankings, while we try to finish whatever is on hand to continue working on the content to be put up on the respective websites.

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